Multi-site Live Satellite Broadcast

Apple needed a makeover (from their high-priced image) and chose to introduce a line of low-cost Macintoshes. We needed to grab eyes and generate media coverage.

This 90-minute, five-site international two-way broadcast originated from an Apple factory in Fremont, CA. The event introduced three new Macintosh computers, one from the Apple plant in Singapore.Video and live customer segments alternated with live product demos.
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Live Broadcast

Oracle wanted to introduce the convergence of news, entertainment, retail and technology. And to put Larry Elison at the helm. The solution: bring in the most trusted man in America, Walter Cronkite to give the space credibility, to introduce industry leaders, and to run killer demos. The Result: One great show.

This one-hour live international broadcast originated from CBS Studios in Burbank, CA. The staging included 18 screens driven by a single media server. The show was broadcast to 12 audiences at the Century Theater in Redwood City. The reviews helped solidify Oracle and Larry Ellison’s technology leadership.
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Company and Product Launch

SeeCommerce needed a high-impact, high-profile event for key analysts, partners, and customers. To meet the need, we staged two events, one in San Francisco and one in New York City in stunning locations. The program successfully combined high-profile speakers and high-impact video.
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Company Launch

CrossWrolds needed to introduce and own a brand new space, Enterprise Application Integration. We created a bi-coastal event with high profile attendees. The event effectively launched the company, its products, and its CEO, Katrina Garnett.

This 60-minute live introduction originated from San Francisco's historic Merchant's Exchange building. A triple-wide screen was constructed to highlight front office, back office and CrossWorlds application integration. The effect for both video roll-ins and the demo was impressive.
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Silicon Film

Silicon Film needed to raise capital for product development. The solution was a webcast over a financial network.The program featured the CEO and CTO interviewed by a notable financial newscaster and a live demo of the prototype.The result: The round was fully funded in 12 minutes!
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IPO Road Show

Ariba wanted to enhance their roadshow presentation with video clips from an identity video and a partner video we had already produced. Easy to do. Great way to re-purpose video. And an off the charts roadshow!
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User Group

A new VP of the Professional Services Group at HP wanted visibility for his group during a conference. We created four 30-second spots that would introduce different segments of the program and that could be re-purposed as commercials on the Internet and on the air.
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Executive Forum

AlphaBlox needed to re-invent themselves; to promote a new space and show their leadership in that space. The solution:an executive forum featuring Bay Area luminary Geoffrey Moore with taped testimonials from key AlphaBlox customers.
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