Vision Video

SeeCommerce wanted a vision video in time for their company launch events. Timing was crucial. They were still crafting their message and unlikely to have it finely tuned until the event. After a brainstorming session we came back with a 60-second high energy video, killer footage, floating titles, cut to a dynamic track. The client was stunned. "This is perfect".
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Vision Video
PeopleSoft needed a vision video that encapsulated its culture and messages. We used people's faces, words and background footage to suggest their markets.
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Ad Campaign

CrossWorlds had a tough challenge – Create a new space and put a face on a small start up company and its partners. We developed print ads featuring Katrina Garnett and Prashant Gupta shot by Richard Avedon and placed these in both mainstream and tech magazines. Commercial spots on financial networks highlighting the space, CrossWorld’s partners, and Katrina filled out the strategy. People are still talking!
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Logo Animation

Given a very distinctive brand – a hand – and the idea that Immersion wanted its TouchSense technology to be really the next sense in computers, we came up with a wonderful creative treatment.
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Corporate Brand

New company and a new space, needing a memorable brand that suggested a global application. They chose a strong visual of globe with a custom T and a customized font.


Corporate Brand, Website, Ad Campaign

New product. Great name. They wanted to create a character that could be used in print ads and be animated for use on the web. Result: They won best new product in their first tradeshow.

Corporate Brand

A British company called Blythe Software couldn't get any traction in the US. Solution, a stronger name, brand, and campaign.

Information Highway Logo

How to claim a hot space as your own? Incorporate a graphic into your established logo.