Film and Video

Flat World
Corporate ID Video

Immersion Corporation had an innovative technology that wasn't breaking out of the gaming world. They wanted a creative way to pitch their TouchSense technology as "the next sense." We came up with a concept, Flat World vs. Real World, and a killer logo animation that folks are still talking about. Download video (19.7 MB)

Vision Video

Ariba was creating a new space and needed to define the problem and their five-part solution in a memorable way. We interviewed customers and partners. Then contrasted before and after with a great original music track and layered titles. The result: a six-minute video that flies.
Download video clip (20 MB)

Goin' Massively Parallel
Product Infotainment

Got a product that is hard to describe to non-techies? The best solution is often a humorous one. This worked so well, we created five more videos for Epcott and the real tech we used as talent was besieged with agent offers!
Download video clip (40.5 MB)

Customer Success Story

No one can tell a compelling story better than your customers. We combine great sound bites with stunning visuals and an integrated soundtrack.
Download video (6.1 MB)

Digital Fountain
Tradeshow Attractor

How do you attract eyes to a small booth at a huge tradeshow? An incredible cool video loop, and a great presentation. The result. Tons of traffic and press coverage, but better yet, new customers.
Download basketball video clip (4.2 MB)

Download skyboard video clip (10.2 MB)

Apple Picture Show

Apple Europe wanted a 30-minute infomercial. They do nothing in a small way, so we created a sales scenario and told stories throughout Europe. The result: More Apple magic.
Download video clip (29.9 MB)

Tradeshow Attractor

Our client likes to sell software... without seeing a single computer or screen. Our solution? Metaphors that tickle the imagination and tell the story.
Download Jazz video (5.9 MB)

Download Circus Video (6 MB)

Community Development Institute

Many people feel the need to transform the impoverished places in America. Dr. Omowale Satterwhite has founded the Community Development Institute to support social change. Our challenge was to take his work nationwide. A video has opened the door to a partnership with Stedman Graham, pilot programs in East Palo Alto and Oakland, and inclusion in a White House education initiative.
Download video clip

Brave New Network
Music Video

Brave New Network (BNN) is a lifestyle site for college students. The site and its music programs showcase the talents of music legends alongside new artists and unsigned bands. This year BNN will add indie films, comedy, and news to its roster. Here are a couple of clips from the Brave New Radio show.
Download video clip

Bruce Richardson
Analyst Testimonial

Customers can sell other customers. But analysts can sell both the press and customers for you. If you can get compelling sound bites on tape, (and we do), you have gold.
Download video clip (20.3 MB)